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5 Reasons why This Secret Sherlock Holmes Experience is the must book event of 2024

The Great Murder Mystery has returned to London after 3 years. Find out why this is 2024's must book experience.

1. enter the legendary home of sherlock holmes

Step inside 221B Baker Street. Lose yourself in a dark and sprawling immersive world, filled with shocking cases, twisted villains, and strange experiments. Built by master experience makers The Lost Estate.

2. the greatest detective story of them all

Witness Holmes’ greatest case – The Hound Of The Baskervilles – unfold around you. Shadowy suspects, cinematic live music, and a night of secrets, murder, and supernatural dread.

3. Indulge in Victorian fine dining and mixology

Three courses of Victorian fine dining, shot through with modern culinary brilliance, and woven into the heart of the action. Accompanied by extraordinary cocktails from housekeeper Mrs Hudson’s personal liquor cabinet.

4. Created By london's 'entertainment heavyweights' (Evening Standard)

80,000 guests served since 2018. Countless ★★★★★ reviews. A host of cult experiences, fusing theatre, live music, and fine dining. This is latest experience by The Lost Estate, London’s master world makers.

5. new tickets are being released...now

The Great Murder Mystery’s 2021 run sold out in days, becoming The Lost Estate’s most requested show ever. Finally, its back – while tickets last. New seats are being released now, so be swift, sign up for access and gather your group.

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“London's proprietors of transportive, immersive experiences. Theatre, live music and
fine dining. A passport into bygone revelry.”

New tickets released now: Sign Up For Access

A night of murder, depravity, and fine gastronomy awaits

The Great Murder Mystery runs March 19th - April 28th. All tickets include dining and range from £149.50 to £279.50 with Classic, Exclusive and VIP tiers available.